I’ve lived in London for 6 years, and I love it, there’s so much going on, and my friends are all nearby.  However, in a month I will be leaving it, I’ll be taking a leap and moving to the US.

Libboo has been expanding for the last year, which makes working remotely that bit harder.  I’ve been over a few times, mainly for techstars and mass challenge, but it’s hard working with people some of which you haven’t even met in person.

Moving to Boston will get me closer into the action, which means I can have a more involved role in how the company is shaped, and in what direction we take it.  I could have stayed in London, but that would have been the easy option, and I like challenges.

I’m technically ready to come over, in that after a summer of paperwork (and a trip to the embassy) I now have my visa, so I just need to make sure the rest of me is ready.  I’ll be moving over on my own to start with, then heading back to London to collect Anna, pack up the house, and get everything shipped over.  During that time I’ll have the chance to find us a place to live, get to know the area a bit better, maybe even make some friends.

I’m looking forward to the challenge!

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