Starting a Hackspace part 1

I moved to the Boston area almost a year ago for work, I brought my wife over, and we settled down in Somerville, a place with a great community feeling. I had been part of a different type of community back in London and was actively participating in the London hackspace, a maker space in east London that caters for people designing, making and building things.

Although my work involves expressing myself in code, designing websites, it does not give me a creative outlet that lets me work with my hands, other than clicking on the keys on my keyboard. Being part of a hackspace is my creative outlet, and I find it extremely rewarding.

The London hackspace is a community run hackspace, the community decides what big tools should be purchased, where the physical space should be, and what events should be put on. To be a member you pay what you want, and you have full access to the tools, workshops, and space. Training is done on a regular schedule, costs nothing, and allows you to use the laser cutter, welding tools and lathe. The space is run for and by the members, and that setup works amazingly, it’s a great place to be a part of.

So I found myself in the US, I had to rent an apartment, work out where the baked beans were in the supermarket (they don’t sell them here) and most importantly, find an outlet for my creative side.

I needed to find myself a maker space.

I looked around at the options, but none of them seemed suitable. There was the Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, a massive space with awesome tools, but a bit expensive for my tastes. There were several university based maker spaces, and fab labs, but with access only for students, so, I was left out.

I wanted to find a maker space with a community feeling like the London hackspace, some internet searching showed a few maker spaces that had come and gone, and a couple that were too far away, which didn’t leave many options.

That left me with a decision to make, do try and fit myself into another hackspace, do I give up on the idea and just work on my projects at home on my own, or should I start my own.

I decided to create my own.

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