We’ve been running a series of workshops at Cambridge Hackspace over the last few months, getting people to build electronics projects.

The evening is spent learning basic soldering techniques, assembling and soldering the components, and then programming the Arduino software. Usually we learn a bit of fault finding too, as there’s always someone that applied too little or too much solder somewhere, and we have to track it down.


So far we’ve run workshops to build clocks and thermometers, we also have upcoming workshops building spectrum analysers, multimeters, wifi display screens, and internet connected environmental sensors.


The inspiration came from Paint Nite, a local company providing group painting classes, where you go home with your own painting to hang on your wall. You get to learn, create, and have something to show for it afterwards.

That’s exactly what we’re doing at hackspace, with a focus on electronics and software.

Not only do our up-and-coming electronic engineers get to benefit from the evening, but we get to earn some money too, which goes towards improving our workshop and making the space more appealing to new members.


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